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«Walking with Richard»
2014, Dominik Stauch
Duration: 21:35
Exhibition: 26. November — 19. December 2015
Part of the collection
«Walking with Richard» has his source by an engagement over several years with the major oeuvre of Richard Wagner «Der Ring des Nibelungen». It’s a combination of performative and graphical videos of Stauch. The artist condenses the opulence of the opera in a sort of seven subject based video clips. The whole work is made by Dominik Stauch himself and this aspect of an overall work of art is what interested him in the opera of Richard Wagner as model. There are autobiographical elements blended with literature, or aspect of art and cultural history brought into the present time. The work captivates the spectator by an accurate interplay between image and audio. The dynamic of the geometrical shapes, the colours and the sound turns into an optic and audio experience. The work ties up on the tradition of the experimental movies of the avant-garde of the 1920 years, the abstract respectively the concrete art, but shows also influences of the minimal and the pop art. The contemplative rhythm and the time coupled with poesy and irony create ample association spaces which blow up for own imaginations. (Text: Bernhard Bischoff)