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Dominik Stauch
Dominik Stauch, from Thun, is a pioneer of interactive, web based art projects. In addition to his activity as a 'classical' painter (Stauch also works with oil painting), he has increased his artistic output with computer animations and installations. His videos impress on one hand with elaborate and imaginative geometric 'gadgets', and on the other with ingeniously simple forms. He combines this technique with startling use of colour, and often supports his animations with sound. For example, some of his works are accompanied by self-composed electric guitar sequences. The works become 'optical-acoustic', rhythmic worlds of colour. Sometimes they are calm and meditative, sometimes aggressive and reflective, always challenging. Stauch explores a new arena of expression with colours.
1962 in London, GB

Lives and Works in
Thun, CH


1984–1987 Studied at the Berlin University of the Arts
1980–1984 Trained as a graphic artist in Bern