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2020, Boyband CHIC
Duration: 4:50
Exhibition: 27. February — 28. March 2020
Since its formation in summer 2018 the Berne-based artists' collective around the semi-fictional Boyband CHIC has landed one pop smash hit after another. With texts in dialect and a large portion of (self-)irony, the three members of Bern's youngest boyband deal with popular cultural themes in their video performances, making hearts melt and, incidentally, reviving feelings and memories of the 1990s. In their latest video performance «Merci» - premiered in the showroom - the three boyband members slip into the role of burglars who gain access to the Franz Gertsch Museum in Burgdorf. They interweave - musically and scenically - two different storylines, which refer to each other and for which the song text marks the starting point. The song, which shows a striking dichotomy, deals in a first, for the boyband CHIC untypically melancholic part with the difficulties that a multitude of young artists are confronted with within the art business and denounces the lack of appreciation. The second, overly euphoric part of the song propagates the seemingly derived solution and encourages the creation of art that pleases everyone. On a visual level reminiscent of the appearance of a Hollywood film, the staged museum break-in illustrates how the boy band CHIC finds its way into the noble halls of high culture.