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Boyband CHIC
The «Project Boyband: CHIC» was founded in the summer of 2018 by David Bregenzer (*1991), Samuel Rauber (*1990) and Jonas Weber (*1993) as part of the solo exhibition «CHIC» at Kunstraum Cabane B in Bern Bümpliz. The semi-fictional boy band CHIC, founded there, has since served them as a means of combining pop, sub and high culture. In the meantime, «Project Boyband: CHIC» has become «Boyband CHIC» - a long-term oriented artists' group, which deals with the mechanisms of pop music and popular culture and questions them performatively in the field of art. Since 2018 there have been regular exhibitions and performances, including at the Dampfzentrale Bern; the Lokal-int, Biel; the Kunstmuseum Thun; Museum Franz Gertsch Burgdorf; Bone Performance Festival Bern or the Kunsthaus Pasquart in Biel.
Zusammenarbeit seit 2018