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«Inside My Head»
2016, Dominik Stauch
Duration: 03:47
Sound: Wolfgang Zwiauer
Exhibition: 17. August — 23. September 2017
«Inside My Head» is a systematically composed choreography of six different forms yielding and partly emerging one after the other. The analogy to theater is evident, since the individual forms display their own colors and their movement patterns like their own different characters, betake to their own «stage» and interact with one another and only to disappear again. Every form is assigned the sound sequence of a wooden xylophone. The interaction of the melody sets the rhythm of the movement. The clear structure is broken through the altered succession of the participants. New colors and forms are created in the overlap of the ellipses and allow for complex sequences of images to develop. In his video work Dominik Stauch understands the moving color fields as a reference to painting. The initially faint colors run together with other mixed colors, similar to the techniques of watercolor. The selection of color fell deliberately not on vibrant, pure color shades, but rather towards in between shades, - which however, give off a surprising effect in the combination.

Stauch sees these optical effects as an analogy to our everyday life, where new memories overlap with the old and add a new dimension to our experiences. We are compelled to constantly judge our experiences anew, based on cumulated, added experiences. Consequently, memory is never a succession, but rather a consecutive reevaluation of past experiences.

Text: Stefanie Marlene Wenger