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«Doomsday Doughnut»
2018, Philip Ortelli
Duration: 05:35
Exhibition: 15. August — 14. September 2019
In Philip Ortellis «Doomsday Doughnut» a doughnut with reflecting glaze plays the leading role. Between a bird's eye view of a coastal area, people running towards the sunset on the beach, shots from the middle of a river and fire clouds burning in the distance, we encounter the floating Doughnut. On its surface, its surroundings are reflected which, without a clear pattern of action, depict the basic elements, air, earth, water and fire. Ortelli uses the shape of the doughnut as a metaphor - on the one hand, the unhealthy food stands as a symbol of the American affluent society and the excess of consumption that has spread all over the world and which we are gradually beginning to question. On the other hand, the form of the Doughnut also refers to Kate Raworth's theory of the «Doughnut Economy». The English economist takes the problem of the steady, exponential growth of hypercapitalism as a starting point for the development of her model. However, in her model, the doughnut is not a pastry with negative connotations, but rather a ring describing the safe and just living space of humanity between the basic supply in the inner world and the exploitation of the environment in the outer world of the ring. This «Ecological ceiling» was intended to limit the steady growth in favor of the exploitation of the ecosystem while at the same time securing the basis of human life. Whether the doughnut saves us from the end of the world (Doomsday) or accelerates it depends on the interpretation of the metaphor.