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«Creative Estonia»
2012, Flo Kasearu
Duration: 1:00
Exhibition: 14. August — 12. September 2020
The video work «Creative Estonia» by Flo Kasearu deals with the production mechanisms of the creative industries. To this end, the artist has set up a conveyor belt for art production in the basement of her eponymous house museum «Flo Kasearu's House Museum». The video shows how, step by step, exquisite and richly decorated objects of art are produced by hand from simple glass containers. The production of art takes place around the clock, so that thousands of beautiful objects are produced on the conveyor belt every day.
Founded in 2013 by Flo Kasearu and self-proclaimed «House Museum» is a site- and theme-specific exhibition of the artist's work in her house. Not only have many site-specific works been created here, but the contexts of private and public are constantly shifting, for example when the artist conducts guided tours in her own house. The setting of the video is also a living museum in which the artist lives, creates and stores her works and shows them to the public. «Creative Estonia» is also the name of a development centre that promotes and develops the creative industries and creative businesses in Estonia.