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Flo Kasearu
Flo Kasearu (*1985 in Pärnu, Estonia) studied painting and photography at the Estonian Academy of Art in Tallinn and multimedia at the University of the Arts in Berlin. The Estonian artist works interdisciplinarily in the fields of performance, photography and video. In addition, she organizes interactive events and carries out interventions in public space. In her work she examines her own cultural identity, the current political and economic climate and her position as an artist in this society.
Flo Kasearu has presented her works in 2020 in a solo exhibition at the Tartu Art Museum, EST and Konsthall C in Stockholm, among others. In 2017 she participated in the Performa 17 "members only" in New York, USA. She was awarded the Independent Performing Arts Award (2016), the Cologne Prize grand prix (2012) and the Young Artist's award (2008). Flo Kasearu lives and works in Tallinn, Estonia.

Lives and Works in
Tallinn, EST


2008–2013 MA Photography, Estonian Academy of Arts
2004–2008 BA Painting, Estonian Academy of Arts
2006–2007 Multimedia, Universität der Künste Berlin (Rebecca Horn studio)