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«Clima(c)tic Changes #1»
2015, Michael Spahr
Duration: 01:00
Medium: 5-teiliges Video
Exhibition: 20. October — 19. November 2015
«Clima(c)tic Changes» is a dreamlike video collage from the Bernese artist Michael Spahr, a.k.a. VJ Rhaps. The socio-critical video is based upon photographs of Swiss mountains that slowly change; even the surroundings of the mountain ranges transform themselves, creating a new climate, in turn influencing the alpine world. Time and again short climaxes occur. The progressing climate change and the impact of the constant concrete smothering of the alpine regions are confirmed. «Clima(c)tic Changes» is a vision of the global climate changes, addressing the unsettling, gridlocked perceptions of the alpine myth.