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«Zen for Internet»
2014, Com&Com
Duration: 05:00
Exhibition: 26. May — 17. August 2016
«Zen for Internet» is a contemporary interpretation of «Zen for Film» (1962-64) by Nam June Paik. Using the iconography of the internet and computer, the work features an endlessly rotating «loading wheel» on a white background. Typically, the «loading wheel» would be a temporary, in-between state before seeing the fully loaded image. «Zen for Internet», however, indefinitely freezes the in-between-ness; the viewers never see the desired image. The artists conceived of this work existing in multiple iterations in a variety of media: as a website (, a endless looped video, a painting, or as various types of merchandise including prints, t-shirts, and a tod bag. «Zen for Internet» speaks to the inherent changeability of the concept. Rather than existing in a single instantiation, this work can exist in a variety of formats, just as «Zen for Film» existed in an assortment of contexts, all of which were still «authentically» the work.