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2012, Bodo Korsig
Duration: 03:45
Edition: 2/5
Tanz: Christin Braband, Choreografie: Sven Grützmacher, Kamera: Pavel Schnabel, Komposition/Musik: Alexander Christou, Stimme/Violine/Piano: Scardanelli
Exhibition: 21. February — 30. March 2019
Part of the collection
For the work Weltruhe the artist Bodo Korsig merges the diciplines dance, poetry, music and video. A poem by Berlin based author Scardanelli (Thorsten Preisser) works as a backdrop for the videowork. Text and music are interpreted by the dancer Christin Braband in a contemporary choreography. Through the medium video the movements are rendered abstract and are turned upside down, which leads to the shadowy appearance of the dancing figure. In the orchestration of these different contributions, the gloomy atmosphere of the poem that is about the inspiring but dangerous environment of the mountains are portrayed.