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«vom kühlen Reiz selbsterdachter Welten – f (Q)»
2012, Pia Maria Martin
Duration: 01:00
Medium: 16 mm auf DVD
Sound: Moritz Finkbeiner
Exhibition: 14. November — 22. December 2012
In February 2012, Pia Maria Martin worked as the first artist in the live-in studio at the PROGR_Center for cultural production. The water in the basins of the fountains in the city of Berne formed huge icebergs at 14° C. Inspired by these ice landscapes, she tried to reconstruct them in a freezer in the cellar of the PROGR. In a number of freezing processes, Pia Maria Martin created her own film sets with balloons, condoms and surgical gloves filled with water. By employing a separate switch, the camera (a 16mm Bolex fitted with a motor) allowed her to capture slow motion exposures. She not only found the meditative aspect alluring, but the experiment of allowing time to work for her as well.