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2002, Erik Dettwiler
Duration: 03:20
Exhibition: 24. May — 01. July 2017
Part of the collection
Dettwiler alludes to the work’s place of origin with the title, specifically, the Potemkin Steps in Odessa. The stairs obtained their name through Sergei Eisenstein’s iconic 1925 silent film «Panzerkreuzer Potemkin». The film loosely orients itself on the chain of events that led to the onset of the Russian Revolution in 1905. The scene on the steps in which the mass of people streaming towards the port is brutally shot down by the czaristic army, would become one of the most famous and most cited moments in film. One of the reasons why this early work revolutionized film history at the time, is Eisenstein’s new form of editing, which no longer followed a narrative but rather set as it’s goal, the emotional claims of an audience. Dettwiler stages himself as a floating ghost in a gesture of condensed ease at this historically significant place, and creates herewith his own tribute to Eisenstein’s oeuvre.