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2012, Renata Bünter
Duration: 02:00
Medium: HD Video
Edit: Renata Bünter, Actresses: Jael Saier, Hedwig Messerli, Vaclav Pozarek, Music: Anna Frey, Scenes Rita Siegfried, Renata Bünter, Camera: Norbert Kottmann, Christoph Lehmann, Audit: Oliver Maag, Photo Elisabeth Bünter; Poster: Agnes Weber
Exhibition: 14. January — 20. February 2016
The video «Monday» belongs to the cycle of works entitled «sieben Tage/seven days» by Renata Bünter. In order to emphasize everyday routines, the Bernese artist named the work according to the days of the week. «Monday» seduces the viewer into the personal childhood memories of the artist, influenced by the rural surroundings of Central Switzerland and a catholic extended family. The shooting locations, the settings and the props have been faithfully taken over in part. Rita Siegfried painted the view from the window in «Monday»: a dreamlike room illusion emerges - a moment of disassociation. The moving pictures in a lucid artistic language allow the viewer to immerse in a poetic and surreal world.