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«Im Nebensinn von Dagmar und Doris»
2016, BiglerWeibel
Duration: 06:28
Medium: 2-Kanal Videoinstallation
Exhibition: 20. September — 20. October 2018
«In the next sense of Dagmar and Doris» formally relates meticulously composed images of a women’s friendship. Dagmar and Doris, portrayed by the two artists Jasmin Bigler and Nicole Weibel, establish skillful powers of observation in relation to one another and to their surroundings. The pictorial forming bodies receive an abstract, almost sculptural impact without loosing the expression of friendly intimacy. Once registering themselves in the urban architecture, another time explicitly exposed, they record apparently unapparent details of urban space.

Following clear visual concepts, the individual scenes build a coherent succession of grey and pink, soft and hard materials within urban and nearly natural urban space. Individual elements such as hair or stockings and the soaking up and pressing out of water from sponges return again and again. Dagmar and Doris are unapologetic in their femininity and genuine in their gestures. The humorous and absurd lightness of the work only benefits more from this.