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«great white»
2017/18, Ursula Palla
Duration: 05:22
Medium: Videoinstallation
Edition: 5 + 2EA
Exhibition: 28. November — 21. December 2019
Part of the collection
In Ursula Palla's video installation «great white», an assembled horde of snowmen and women, all formed from three snow globes and with a face made of three pebbles, are made to suffer their fate. They melt away as if they had been caught in the warm spring sun, losing their eyes, mouth and head and falling down; until the belly and torso of the snow figures slowly dissolve and only a puddle of water with pebbles remains of them.

Ursula Palla was able to carry out her long-planned concept with the first snow of winter 2017. The artist, who grew up in Chur, brought a carload full of snow from the Black Forest into her studio without hesitation. As soon as the snowmen and women were set up, they melted away. «great white» reveals the process of disintegration in real time and, with the partly speeded-up passages, embeds itself, intentionally or not, into the current global political debates around climate change, inspiring reflection.