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«Erfan’s Notebook»
2016, David Zehnder
Duration: 16:13
Sounddesign: OKRA
Exhibition: 06. April — 20. May 2017
Part of the collection
The work Erfan’s Notebook arose through a personal acquaintance of the artist with Erfan, a young man from Afghanistan whom he met in the transit center for asylum-seekers in Zollikofen. Even more than the progression of his language skills, the notebook allows us an insight of Erfan’s personal history - his flight from Afghanistan through Turkey into Switzerland. Empty or torn out pages, a rudimentary sketch of Europe with names of countries, telephone numbers and email addresses, give witness to the daily life in a dangerous journey of an unknown outcome. Supposedly mundane language exercises in Erfans’s notebook such as “Can I see your passport?” and “Have a good trip“ suddenly obtain a whole different significance with this background knowledge. OKRA (Robert Aeberhard and Oli Kuster) added a soundtrack to Erfan’s Notebook. Erfan’s journey is musically reconstructed and made to come acoustically alive through piano and field recordings, static noises and lost harmonies.