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«El Saludo (Der Gruss)»
2008, Adela Picón
Duration: 05:37
Exhibition: 16. January — 21. February 2015
Every encounter begins with a greeting. One welcomes with a handshake, with a hug, a gesture...Greetings are a generalized standardization; they are polite rituals that help us to come into contact with others and strengthen our relationships. The video « The Greeting » (orig: « El Saludo ») from Adela Picón shows these moments of greeting. The encounters are entirely different: sometimes formal, sometimes euphoric. Yet, every time the encounter ends up the same: in the moment of greeting, the one person blends into the other until only the white screen is left to see. «The Greeting» was created for an exhibition in the historical museum Sant Feliu de Guixols (Spain) in collaboration with the people of the city. Adela Picón is interested in the dealings with the different. She plays with notions such as tradition, past, public and private sphere, social integration or the careless usage of rules and allocation.