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2017, Olga Titus
Duration: 06:49
Exhibition: 19. September — 19. October 2019
The video work «crystallization» by Olga Titus is a cinematic collage that combines frame by frame from fragments of perception and memory into a colorful and symbolic visual world. Underscored by the soft sounds of a carillon, fragmentary landscapes, rhythmically choreographed hands, enigmatic faces and masks are lined up to create an animated landscape of memories. It is an exotic world full of wonders and magic that moves across the screen as if moved by the wind, alluding to the transience of perception. The large, multicolored glittering crystal stands as an antithesis to this, uniting and crystallizing the moving images of memory.
He is also the starting point of the intuitively created work, which developed without a storyboard in a flowing working process. As a Swiss artist with Malay-Indian roots, Olga Titus's artistic work is strongly based on her own biography and deals in numerous works with her multicultural identity, self-perception and external perception.