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2018, Karen Amanda Moser
Duration: 5:46
Medium: Video-Loop Projektion
Exhibition: 15. January — 20. February 2021
Part of the collection
The video «Credits» shows exhibition-shots taken in the different museums of Genova IT. A text, similar to credits on the end of a movie is considering roles of a hypothetic viewer, but also of the exhibit, the collection. There is a correlation between the seen and the one that sees. Since the concept of public museums arose with the birth of the nation-state, the exhibition was thought of by the artist as a tool to "create" culture, the citizen can identify with. As much this is a construction, it is a challenge to find new ways to deal with collections we inherit, to reconsider such.

Unfortunately, the showroom at PROGR will only be open on Friday, January 15, 2021 from 2-6pm and on Saturday, January 16, 2021 from 12-4pm. However, the video can be viewed daily 10am - 10pm in our video window in Bienzgut/Bümpliz through the showroom window for the entire duration of the exhibition until February 20, 2021.