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«Bubble #6»
2016, Mika Rottenberg
Duration: 01:40
Edition: Edition 2/6 für das Kunstmagazin Parkett Nr. 98
Exhibition: 28. September — 28. October 2017
Part of the collection
The «Bubble 1- Bubble 6» edition consists of excerpts from the film «NoNoseKnows», which Mika Rottenberg presented for the first time at the Venice Biennale in 2015.
The cinematographic video work of Rottenberg questions today’s post-Fordist production systems through humorous-ludicrous sceneries. Originally the soap bubbles are film sequences from the setting of a cultured pearl farm staged in China. The soap bubbles focus the attention to the «non-place» of the corridor and become poetic parentheses in the absurd daily routine of the factory. In the short sequences we see soap bubbles slowly floating, fantastically warping themselves and finally bursting. This happens within the backdrop of peculiar vestibules with numerous doors, whose colorful walls should hide the fact of the gloom of artificial lighting and frugal amenities.