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2018, Andrea Vogel
Duration: 5:00 Min., Loop
Exhibition: 28. May — 04. July 2020
Part of the collection
From above we see a woman's body stretched out lengthwise on the slab floor and covered with flour dust. It starts with the head moving, then the upper body slowly straightens up. The woman will gradually stand up and, in doing so remove the flour dust from her skin and leave the visual space. Only the traces of her body - the outlines of her previous silhouette drawn with flour - remain. White on black, they bear witness to Andrea Vogel's "Auferstäubung", refer to the ephemeral presence of the artist, blurring physicality and disembodiment.

The stop-motion and fading effects that Andrea Vogel used in her photographed performance "Auferstäubung" further reinforce this impression. The video, which consists of a sequence of single images strung together, was created in 2018 as part of the work-in-progress art project "Kunstversuchsanstalt #4 Universum", which was realized together with the artist Olivia Notaro (as part of the project series of the same name initiated by Olivia Notaro) in the former bakery Vogel in Oberdiessbach. Andrea Vogel's return to her parents' former bakery awakened in her the need to feel the flour on her own skin and led to an examination of her own origins. Andrea Vogel says, she was "born into the flour dust and returned as an artist forty-four years later".

Notice "Meet the artist": Artist Andrea Vogel will be on site at the showroom on Saturday, May 30, 2020 12-4 pm and is looking forward to your visit.

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