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«Assembly Line Projects: A Packet of Salt»
2013, Li Xiaofei
Duration: 07:23
In cooperation with AroundSpace Gallery, Shanghai
Exhibition: 24. May — 30. June 2018
The video work "A Packet of Salt" is part of the series "Assembly Line Projects", which the Chinese artist Li Xiaofei began in 2010. The videos were filmed in factories in Norway, Sweden, the USA, New Zealand and China and address the worldwide social changes caused by the assembly line - for the artist the ultimate symbol of capitalism.
A salt factory in China forms the setting for the documentary scenes in "A Packet of Salt". The historical, indeed almost romantic-seeming transportation of salt mountains upon small rafts stands in contrast to the problems addressed in the video of soil contamination through salt production. Salt always was regarded as a purifying remedy and was essential in preserving food. The question of what meaning the resource salt is assigned in today’s post-Fordism is delivered inherently within this work.

In cooperation with the AroundSpace Gallery in Shanghai.