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Silvia Popp
Silvia Popp situates art as an ongoing process of investigations, which works by communication and exchange. Art opens, whether as a metaphor or concrete action, perceptions, opportunities and needs for action. She is interested in specific, physical or metaphorical places and their conditions. Place as space, as dimension - place as a community, as a network, as a discourse – place as a position, a status as an impulse. What kind of questions, frictions and contradictions include places. What makes their identity and how and who claims the use of this places? Through on-site interaction a process starts and the social-economic values and systems are being questioned, the discourse with the audience begins.
1977 in Zürich, CH

Lives and Works in
Zürich, CH


2006-2010 Studies of Fine Art, F+F School of Art and Media design Zurich
2009 Exchange MFA Art, Space & Nature, eca Edinburgh college of Art
2003-2005 Pre-Studies of Fine Art Zurich University of the Arts