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«Project “Hey, wave!” - a Man and a Wave»
2006, Maria Dundakova

Video, Film 08'58''
Film scenario - author Maria Dundakova
Script, direction, choreography, camera, pictures and production.

In the work HEY WAVE! & "A Man and a Wave", the natural dramaturgy of the space is perceived. There is an interplay with the limited time of human destiny. The desire to be infinite and the identification with infinity has always had an impact on all ages and cultures.

Feast of the essence of water:

Dance: A Man and a Wave
Water = lust
Water = time
Water = chaos
Water = mistress
Water = mother
Water = origin
Water = force of the stream
Water = beginning and end
Water = dance of fire and water


A human being lives his coming and going, going and coming. He is fascinated by the endless transformation of the wave. At a beach he lives every day from sunrise, dancing, the light of the sun anew. In the same manner the wave dances with the wind at the beach, the human being draws his own rhythm. The wave takes away this rhythm, the fingers of the young man swim like fishes. His body breathes the breath of the wave. The lust of the wave has the same effect as opium. Purple light melts with darkness and embraces the dark body of the young man. The dance of the young man and the wave unite.

A lot of people saw this dance and passed it on. They invented the song of a man and a wave. They sang, accompanied by guitar. Each of them looked for his own wave and gave his own way to the wave as a present. Like this, the myth "A Man and a Wave" emerged. Aerial shot of the ever coming and going wave at the beach.

Dance of the ground. The dancer's body moves like a snake Dance of the wave. Before sunrise, various white waves are taken, coming from the dark. Dance of the white wave. Taken by underwater camera: One half of the dancer's body appears below and the other one above the water.

Dance of the whirl sand. Fast movements of the sand in wind and wate. Dance of the light. Sunrise. Dance of the man and the wave. Light and shadow.

Choreography of chaos. Rotating, dancing, overlapping movements in the interplay with the tracks of the dancer. Unpredictable rhythms. From the beach to the wave. Persons turning towards the sea with rolling somersault movements in the sand (capoeira).

White waves in the night. At the beach, various dark bodies, moving like snakes.

Choreography: The dance defines itself in the interplay with rhythms of space.

Project "Hey, wave!" - a Man and a Wave Song

Wave; your pulse comes from the heart of the heart

your dance is as light as the clouds

and as heavy as an unborn child
in the belly of his mother

wave; you come to embrace me your eyes are the endlessness of space

and they see as far as you reach

your body breaks into billions of drops in order to reunite

just the same as honey melts in my mouth

your yearning is my happy smile

your untiring beat; my fist
your unpredictability
my destiny
you never die
the echo of my laugh breaks
into thousands of drops
the echo of my cry vanishes
in the light of sunrise
my steps - like lead
are slightly
wiped by
your light body
your conversation
is heard by all mussels
the fishes pass it on

please keep my desires a secret in your dark depth

do you see me
I am right here
a tear in your eyes
do you see me
here I am again
in love with you
your dance, your body, your lust
I am here
open up your mouth
and I will give you my breath
open up your depth
and I will come with you
open up your eyes and look at me
I am here

Maria Dundakova

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