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«Sun Rite "Gravitation"»
2010, Maria Dundakova

Video & photos of magnetic-field landscapes, 3D architecture animation and Atlantic geo (earth) sounds
Edition 5

Maria Dundakova – Direction, storyboard, camera & photos,
"Geo Topos" magnetic-field landscapes, tides,
music: geo sounds "Dance of the earth with the ocean"
Markus Walser – 3D video architecture animation, editing, technical

The "GRAVITATION" video is a further sequence from the land art project Sun Rite "GRAVITATION".

Project Sun Rite "GRAVITATION"
Place of communication = city of transformation

The project is an open-ended work, a work in progress, that is driven by people's conscious participation in the existing eco-system and sustainable economic development. The project constitutes a real-life topography, in which macro and micro life systems meet in order to be rediscovered and re-lived. Technology and nature act in conjunction, just as every natural form also has a technical function. Water, wind, earth, temperature, air, micro and macro life forms – the language of nature is the language of human life

Summary of contents:
Gravitational rhythms impact on all life forces both directly and constantly. Audible and visible ecological dialogue between geo zones:
1. Geo Topos – magnetic-field landscapes
2. Atlantic tides – geo (earth) sound rhythms
Creation of real-life soundtrack:
The artist Maria Dundakova recorded the sound of the waves at high and low tide on the Atlantic coast of Brazil at sunrise over a period of 30 days, and then documented it in a 30-minute audio work "Journal of the Atlantic's sound at low and high-tide – a song of ocean life".
3. Sun panels which, like sunflowers, track the sun's rays in cyclical daytime and nocturnal rhythms, transforming sunlight into electricity.
The chaos aesthetics of macro and micro life elements accord with the new urban aesthetics of the sun panels.

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